Proactive Litigation Slips & Trips

Proactive Litigation Slips & Trips

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tailored for your staff

Learn how to use the Civil Procedure Rules to take a proactive approach to case management. This course will help you to run Fast Track claims efficiently and settle cases more quickly and profitably.

This Proactive Litigation Slips & Trips course is an interactive course on slipping & tripping claims to help junior lawyers take control of their caseloads & put pressure on their opponents.

Course Content

This Proactive litigation slips & trips live online course is based on a case study involving a slip in a supermarket.   After a brief refresher on the cause of action,  delegates join the claim at the directions stage and work through disclosure and exchange of witness statements. 

The course emphasises the importance of analysing your opponent’s case, testing the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence on both sides and looks at tactical choices as the case progresses.   It also looks at professional ethics, including duties to the court.

The course can be tailored for Defendant or Claimant firms.


  • The cause of action – what will the Claimant need to prove?
  • Disclosure
    • The CPR
    • Your client’s obligations – explaining disclosure
    • The list of documents
    • Privilege
    • Is anything missing?
    • Tactical considerations
  • Exchange of Witness Statements
    • Who should give evidence?
    • Cross-referencing with the pleadings
    • Does the evidence support the claim/defence?


As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • Know how to complete a list of documents
  • Know which documents are privileged
  • Consider the cause of action when handling disclosure and witness evidence
  • Understand the importance of cross-referencing disclosure and witness evidence with pleadings


Paralegals, legal apprentices, trainee solicitors, junior lawyers, claims handlers

Proactive Litigation - Slips & Trips Live Online Course

2 hours

Lawyers and litigation staff


Our face-to-face course takes place at your office.

We cover the same topics as the online course. 


See our live online course for details of content and outcomes.

Proactive Litigation - Slips & Trips Face-to-face Course

3 hours

Lawyers and litigation staff


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