PSC advocacy and communication skills

PSC advocacy and communication skills

PSC advocacy & communication skills develops the analytical, organisational and presentational skills that trainees need to perform confidently in the courtroom and in the office.

PSC advocacy & communication skills offers practical transferable skills that trainees can use in transactional as well as contentious work.

Who is it for?

Recommended for trainee solicitors.

  • PSC Elective accredited

Course content

Live training overview

Completing the course online builds the confidence and skills required for remote advocacy and meetings.  Delegates work together online to prepare and present their case in a dispute over the sale / purchase of a business.  They start with interim applications and build towards a final hearing. Using a single realistic case study throughout the course allows the trainees to concentrate on developing their skills.


Building effective communication skills
  • Observation, speaking and listening
Making persuasive submissions
  • Preparing for interim applications
  • Arguing effectively in contested chambers applications
  • Managing documents systematically
  • Presenting a coherent and persuasive case
  • Dealing with weaknesses
How to prepare and manage a witness
  • Controlling the flow of information during an examination in chief
  • Using documents and exchanged statements
  • Planning, testing and undermining – skills for cross examination
  • Re-examination – repairing and clarifying
Handling the unexpected
  • The judge who interrupts
  • The opponent who objects


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • analyse documents and identify material to prioritise
  • prepare effective arguments
  • ask questions effectively to support or to undermine a position
  • make persuasive submissions

Format for live online

Intensive and highly practical. Delegates prepare in teams using breakout rooms. They practise their advocacy skills individually on screen. The tutor gives detailed constructive feedback throughout the course.

Format for face-to-face

Intensive and highly practical.  Delegates prepare in teams (usually in separate rooms) and practise their advocacy individually in a courtroom setting. The tutor gives detailed constructive feedback throughout the course.


Trainee solicitors (max 16)


18 hours over 3 days


"James' teaching - he was incredibly engaging - by far and away the best teacher I've ever had on zoom - he managed to keep his and our energy throughout and I really loved the course. I thought he was truly brilliant - made me want to go back each day. His personal experience also humanized all of the course and kept us engaged - I really wouldn't have enjoyed it anywhere near as much were it not for him."
Tutor James Welsh
Baker McKenzie
"Roxanne was exceptional at delivering the session and providing personalised, specific feedback.”
Tutor Roxanne Frantzis
Pinsent Masons
November 2019
"I think the teaching was excellent and made something I would have hated a lot more enjoyable!”
Tutor Olivia Checa-Dover
Pinsent Masons
November 2019

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