Report writing

Report writing

Our report writing course will help you write reports that are concise, clear and accurate. Even when the subject matter is highly complex, you’ll know how to write easy-to-read content.

Report writing training that helps you write reports that people will want to read.

Who is it for?

Recommended for lawyers, trainees or legal support staff who write reports

  • PSC Elective accredited

Course content

Live training overview

Our report writing training course can focus on the key skills you and your team need to produce reports that are accurate and easy-to-read. We can help improve your report writing with practical writing techniques on everything from structure and signposting to tone and flow. Our course is designed to help you create engaging reports that will hold up to scrutiny in any legal or professional environment.


Here are some of the possibilities our course can cover:

  • Clarifying the report’s objectives
  • Planning techniques – making sure the key points stand out
  • Writing well-organised paragraphs
  • Creating sentences that flow
  • Persuasive writing – making sure the report delivers
  • Setting the right tone and developing styles to suit different readers


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • identify the purpose of your report and the appropriate content
  • create a report in tune with your business and audience needs
  • plan your reports effectively
  • write reports that are concise, clear and easy-to-read


Live online workshop with short input sessions, writing exercises and tutor feedback


Lawyers or legal support staff who write reports (Maximum 12)


3 hours

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