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RTA Liability Training

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Our RTA liability training promotes an accurate and consistent approach to making liability decisions and gets everyone engaged with the disciplines required for assessing liability accurately.

RTA liability training that helps your team assess liability based on the facts, the evidence and applying the law in different cases.
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Course Content

Our RTA training course covers the legal basis for Road Traffic Accident claims, the relevance of case law, the Highway Code and the importance of evidence gathering. Learners will develop their understanding of negligence as the legal framework for RTA claims and learn how to apply it and make decisions about liability in countless different factual scenarios.


Our interactive workshop covers:

  • Understanding driving risk
  • Negligence in RTAs – breach of duty of care and causation
  • Identifying liability and contributory negligence
    • Developing a methodical and lawyerly approach
    • Using the Highway Code
    • Understanding how to use case law
    • Evidence gathering
  • Assessing liability in different cases
    • Accident on a country lane
    • Hazard on a dual carriageway
    • Accident on a roundabout
  • Trial reconstruction
    • Understanding how the evidence plays out in court


As a result of our RTA Liability course, you will be better at:

  • analysing the facts in RTA cases
  • identifying claims with good prospects of success
  • selecting evidence appropriately
  • understanding and using key legal concepts and language
  • progressing claims efficiently


Interactive workshop based on animated accident reconstructions, document-based case studies and a courtroom reconstruction.


Solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and claims professionals handling fast track RTA claims.

RTA Liability Training Live Online Course

90 mins to 6 hours

RTA Claims Handlers


See Live Online for course details

RTA Liability Training E-learning Course

3 hours

RTA Claims Handlers


Do you have a large motor claims team to train?

Do you regularly recruit new staff that need bringing up to speed with handling Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims?

If so, our RTA e-learning could be just what you need. The animated online scenarios are already a big hit with claimant and defendant law firms, insurers and claims management companies.

They are a great way to promote consistency across the entire team as well as getting everyone engaged with the disciplines required for assessing liability accurately.  You can track completion and how well your staff have performed.  We can also set up assessments to use as an evaluation tool when recruiting new members of staff.


We have created 130+ animated accident scenarios that cover the most common road accident types that claims handlers and litigators will encounter. Starting with animated recreations, learners make decisions about liability and are then encouraged to consider the evidence needed, the relevant sections of the Highway Code, and caselaw where applicable.

They can then see whether their opinion on liability matches the view of a practising barrister who provides expert commentary highlighting the important factors to take into account with each accident scenario. The scenarios cover collisions that occur:

  • In car parks
  • On country roads (single track etc.)
  • With cyclists, motorbikes and pedestrians
  • On roundabouts
  • At junctions
  • With the emergency services
  • On motorways and dual carriageways (multi lane accidents)
  • With large vehicles (vans, HGVs etc.)

Watch an example scenario


As a result of completing this e-learning, you will:

  • Understand the importance of assessing the evidence in each and every case
  • Know how to apply the law to different factual scenarios
  • Always consider the Highway Code
  • Develop a disciplined approach to assessing liability in RTA cases

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RTA Claims Training - E-learning course

Learn as you go 5-10 mins per scenario

Motor claims teams, RTA Claims Handlers

125 + VAT pp

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Outstanding. Everyone should go on this course. Great speaker. Really useful and practical.
Stephen Ross
30 April 2013
A very helpful session. Peter was an engaging speaker and I will definitely put his advice into practice. Although it felt like hard word to read articles/submit articles beforehand, it was very useful on the day.
Emma Flower
30 April 2013
Good course length. I feel I have learnt things I can use straight away (not just in writing articles but writing generally). Very good idea to have specific articles to work on.
Julian McFall
30 April 2013