Ukraine: Sanctions, AML and acting for Russian clients

Ukraine: Sanctions, AML and acting for Russian clients


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As the war in Ukraine continues lawyers in the UK are increasingly asking what their ethical duties are when providing services to Russian, Belorussian and other clients.

Ukraine: Sanctions, AML and acting for Russian clients. What do the UK sanctions on dealing with Russia mean for law firms?

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Overview – This short webinar will discuss the issues raised by the Ukraine crisis and the measures that the UK, and others across the globe, have taken and will take to undermine the Russian effort, and the immediate implications for professional legal services in the UK.


  • The impact of recent economic and other sanctions
  • The content and effect of the Economic Crime (Transparency & Enforcement) Act 2022
  • The establishment of the kleptocracy unit within the NCA
  • The use of crypto-currencies to evade sanctions
  • The impact on law firms’ internal procedures – AML and otherwise


As a result of completing this course you will

  • Know what sanctions have been imposed by the UK Government on dealings with Russian clients
  • Know what checks are required – AML and otherwise

Ukraine: Sanctions, AML & Russian Clients E-learning Course

30 minutes



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