Video Conference Tips

Video Conference Tips


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Video conference skills, techniques for remote presentations and creating an engaging presence online. Award-winning TV and radio journalist Vanessa Collingridge tells you what you need to know.

Ten top tips for improving your video conference skills, engaging with your audience and looking and sounding like a genuine professional.

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Ten tips and techniques for looking and sounding like a professional, no matter what software or hardware you’re using.


This session includes tips and techniques for:
  • looking good (and confident) on screen
  • preparing for the session
  • connecting with people
  • leading or contributing effectively
  • interrupting
  • adding impact


When you have completed this introductory course you will know how to:
  • set up before a meeting (positioning, lighting, clothing, etc)
  • bring warmth and energy to an online meeting
  • focus on your key points even in a busy meeting
  • end a call or session with everyone knowing what happens next / any agreed actions


Anyone who wants to make a great impact in online meetings

Video Conferencing Tips E-learning Course

15 minutes

Anyone who wants to make an impact

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Vanessa Collingridge

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