Credit Hire Training

Training on recovering credit hire charges

  • The key concepts
  • The legal basis for claims
  • RTA Liability – over 100 animated accident scenarios with barrister feedback
  • Special damages

E-learning – training when and where you want it

  • Scheduled to suit the team or available on demand for individual team members
  • No delay for new starters – immediate availability
  • Monitored completion
  • Testing available
  • Host on your own LMS or we can host for you

Live online training

  • Join our open webinars
  • Schedule in-house training exclusively for your team
  • Tailored sessions to suit your approach

Who is the training suitable for?

Anyone making decisions about recovering credit hire charges in RTA claims

  • Credit hire companies
  • Insurers
  • Claims management companies
  • Law firms
  • Body shop & engineers

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Sample Scenario


Case analysis motor claims website image
Strong case analysis skills are crucial to making good liability decisions in motor claims. This course is perfect to build on a basic understanding of the law and focuses on how to analyse the evidence, apply legal knowledge and explain liability decisions to clients and opponents.
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This case management training helps lawyers and paralegals learn to manage legal cases effectively, reduce the “shelf-life” of claims, and achieve positive outcomes.
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Our Compensation Recovery Unit e-learning provides a basic overview of how the Compensation Recovery Unit works and how a claimant's state benefits will be recovered.
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This course will build your skills and confidence in successfully completing each section of the Directions Questionnaire before returning it to the court.
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Drafting a Letter of Response helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for writing effective letters of response that comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.
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This course provides guidance for information gathering, planning and deadlines, as well as drafting techniques for producing effective directions in civil litigation matters.
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Drafting an Interim Application course helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for when applying for a court order.
Drafting witness Statements image
Drafting a witness statement is not a simple task. This course will help you draft effectively so your statements comply with the CPR and are an accurate and reliable account of each witness’s evidence.
Credit hire website image
Anyone working in motor claims needs to understand the fundamentals of credit hire and the main terms of a credit hire agreement.
litigation fast track website image
Understanding the litigation fast track procedure governing Fast Track civil claims provides context for the early stages of investigating injury and motor claims and improves outcomes.
Managing litigants in person website image
This Managing Litigants in Person course will help you develop strategies for managing your interactions to minimise any difficulties.
Quantum – Recovery of NHS changes in PI claims website image
This Recovery of NHS charges course is an ideal introduction for anyone who has recently started work in the personal injury sector.
Quantum – Reviewing an expert report website image
Reviewing an Expert Report explains how to understand the terminology and analyse a medico-legal report and identify the evidence relevant to claims for general and special damages.
RTA Liability website image
Our RTA liability training promotes an accurate and consistent approach to making liability decisions and gets everyone engaged with the disciplines required for assessing liability accurately.
valuing claims for care and assistance website image
Our e-learning on valuing claims for care and assistance looks at how to value gratuitous and commercial care claims, as well as the evidence you need and the rates you can claim.
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Learn about valuing general damages methodically, using the available evidence, the Judicial College Guidelines and case law to support your valuation.
valuing loss of earnings website image
Our Valuing Loss of Earnings e-learning course covers the law, evidence and procedure in claims for employed and self-employed clients for recovering loss of income and future loss of earnings.
valuing loss of earning capacity website image
This quantum training is an introduction to valuing claims for loss of earnings capacity. Instantly available, it’s ideal for junior lawyers and claims handlers.
Valuing Psychiatric Injuries website image
Valuing Psychiatric Injuries will help you identify and distinguish different types of psychiatric injury and also covers the evidence you need to prove and value a claim.
Valuing special damages website image
Valuing Special Damages will help you with interviewing, investigating methodically and seeking out the evidence to support claims, as well as calculating and drafting claims for special damages.