Busy lawyers need to be able to access training at a time (and place) that’s convenient for them. That’s why we’ve developed a portfolio of e-learning courses specifically for law firms and legal departments.

We are constantly adding to our library of courses, so if you can’t find the exact training topic that you’re after, just let us know and we can discuss a bespoke online course.

Live Online course

In addition to e-learning take a look at our new suite of courses that we deliver live online.

Online courses for Lawyers

The Solicitors Regulation Authority recommends that you “consider formal training in different, innovative and flexible formats”, and this is exactly what our online courses provide.

Training shouldn’t be draining – so to keep it interesting we use a range of media from video animation to interactive exercises. And because we’re a helpful bunch, we automatically make a record of every course you take part in. So your training record will be even easier to complete.

You can access our e-learning courses by asking your firm to pay for an annual subscription (based on the number of users), or you can purchase a one-off course by simply contacting us.

Either way, you’re guaranteed imaginative and engaging courses delivered straight to your desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Litigation fast track procedure webpage image
This Anatomy of a Claim course provides an overview of the court procedure in county court civil claims under CPR Part 7.
Introduction to Anti-money Laundering
Our Anti-Money Laundering training for law firms comprises of an introductory e-learning course and short case-study based scenarios which are released quarterly.
Anti-Money Laundering
Our Anti-Money Laundering Scenarios help you to maintain your knowledge and understand how to apply AML techniques in practice.
business development & marketing website image
This business development & marketing course covers the key skills that are essential for building your profile, retaining and winning clients, and identifying new sources of work.
Business Writing Image
Business writing that’s accurate, robust and readable. This course offers planning, writing and style techniques for high quality professional communications.
Compensation recovery unit website image
Our Compensation Recovery Unit e-learning provides a basic overview of how the Compensation Recovery Unit works and how a claimant's state benefits will be recovered.
Delegation website image
Delegation training for lawyers. Effective delegation is fundamental for the efficient operation of a law firm. Don’t rely on picking it up as you go along.
Directions Questionnaire website image
This course will build your skills and confidence in successfully completing each section of the Directions Questionnaire before returning it to the court.
Drafting a Brief to Counsel website image
Whilst there aren't any formal legal requirements to writing a brief, a well-structured set of clear instructions is vital to ensure Counsel does the best possible job representing your client.
Drafting a Defence website image
Drafting a defence provides simple and reliable techniques for analysing the Particulars of Claim, deciding how to respond to the allegations it contains, and then drafting the defence.
drafting a letter of response website image
Drafting a Letter of Response helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for writing effective letters of response that comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.
Drafting directions website image
This course provides guidance for information gathering, planning and deadlines, as well as drafting techniques for producing effective directions in civil litigation matters.
Drafting Interim Applications website image
Drafting an Interim Application course helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for when applying for a court order.
Drafting witness Statements image
Drafting a witness statement is not a simple task. This course will help you draft effectively so your statements comply with the CPR and are an accurate and reliable account of each witness’s evidence.
Employers and public liability website image
Develop your skills at assessing liability in ELPL claims using 30+ animated accidents. See applicable regulations & caselaw and watch a barrister’s video analysis. Ideal online training for junior lawyers and claims handlers.
Ethics Essentials Thumbail
Ethics Essentials are based on real-life examples. They help lawyers at all levels to identify ethical problems, understand how to apply the SRA Principles and Codes of Conduct, and do the right thing.
Finance for Lawyers 1 website image
Commercial clients want lawyers who demonstrate commercial awareness. This course is a practical introduction to reading and understanding the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet.
Finance for Lawyers 2 website image
Improve your commercial awareness and impress your clients - whether you love the numbers or not. A practical introduction to key financial performance indicators.
Financial analysis and interpretation website image
This module is designed to help you deal with financial information with more confidence. Using case study data you’ll calculate some key accounting ratios then interpret the results.
GDPR and Data Handling website image
Our GDPR and data handling e-learning focuses on the General Data Protection Regulation and the consequences for law firms and their staff when handling personal data.
Grammar Refresher Course image
An introduction or refresher on practical grammar. This course will build your confidence and your ability to write clear and accurate sentences without any grammatical errors.
Information Security
This course looks at the threats and risks law firms face with the data and information they hold and how to defend against security breaches.
Credit hire website image
Anyone working in motor claims needs to understand the fundamentals of credit hire and the main terms of a credit hire agreement.
Introduction to Motor Insurance Terminology website image
Our short Introduction to Motor Insurance Terminology uses simple easy-to-understand language to explain the most common motor insurance jargon.
Introduction to the City website image
Introduces the financial markets and corporate finance and explains the jargon, the key players and investment decisions, so you understand how the City works and the context in which it operates.
Law Firm as a Business website image
Law firm finances explained so that you know how law firms operate in a commercial context and what they need to do to succeed financially.
Legal project management website image
Do you use legal project management skills to deliver great results for your clients? It's becoming an essential part of any successful law firm’s offering. Our courses help you meet that objective.
Legal Project Managment website image
The ability to use legal project management skills to deliver great results for clients is becoming an essential part of any successful law firm’s offering. Our courses help you meet that objective.
litigation fast track website image
Understanding the litigation fast track procedure governing Fast Track civil claims provides context for the early stages of investigating injury and motor claims and improves outcomes.
Managing Difficult Clients website image
Managing difficult clients helps you get the best from the moments when things are not running smoothly - by working in tune with client preferences and by handling tricky conversations confidently.
Managing litigants in person website image
This Managing Litigants in Person course will help you develop strategies for managing your interactions to minimise any difficulties.
Mastering Minutes website image
Preparing minutes of meetings answers all your questions and more. How do you keep up with fast-paced debate? Accurate verbatim account or action-focussed note? Can you leave anything out?
Motor fraud and fundamental dishonesty website image
This e-learning covers all the main indicators of motor fraud and fundamental dishonesty in motor claims so your claims handlers can spot the “red flags” and take the right action.
Corporate Negotiations website image
Negotiation Skills for Corporate Lawyers will help you develop appropriate negotiation strategies and practise your negotiation skills in the context of the acquisition of a company.
Negotiation Skills for Litigators website image
Negotiation Skills for Litigators helps you select the right strategies and tactics, plan the negotiation, and then negotiate confidently whatever your opponent’s approach.
Planning and Prioritising website image
Planning, prioritising and time management for lawyers includes a range of techniques for understanding what matters most, managing your workload and getting things done efficiently and on time.
Professional Skills for Legal secretaries website image
Professional Skills for Legal Secretaries covers personal image, working with lawyers and clients courteously, getting things done professionally and managing pressure safely and successfully.
Professional Standards website image
Make sure all your staff are familiar with the firm’s duties and approach to compliance with this professional standards course.
Proofreading in law firms website image
Our Proofreading in Law Firms course helps establish good habits as people check and review draft documents and other important written work. This training puts attention to detail into practice.
Punctuation Refresher Course website image
This punctuation course will help you punctuate accurately and avoid errors. It will build your confidence when using the main punctuation marks and give you helpful tips for choosing the right words.
Quantum – Recovery of NHS changes in PI claims website image
This Recovery of NHS charges course is an ideal introduction for anyone who has recently started work in the personal injury sector.
Quantum – Reviewing an expert report website image
Reviewing an Expert Report explains how to understand the terminology and analyse a medico-legal report and identify the evidence relevant to claims for general and special damages.
RTA Liability website image
Our RTA liability training promotes an accurate and consistent approach to making liability decisions and gets everyone engaged with the disciplines required for assessing liability accurately.
trial reconstruction website image
Watching the RTA trial reconstruction will help you understand how best to prepare a case for trial and what will really happen at trial.
Social Media training for Lawyers website image
Our social media training is a quick and convenient introduction to Twitter and LinkedIn for lawyers. This e-learning will help you engage confidently with these key social media platforms.
SRA Standards image
The Solicitors Accounts Rules (strictly the SRA Accounts Rules) are shorter and simpler than ever before, but everyone should know about the changes, not just Accounts staff.
SQE2 Advocacy Preparation Courses website image
Prepare for the SQE2 advocacy assessments with our expert tuition include e-learning, online workshops and one-to-one coaching.
SRA standards and regulations website image
The SRA Standards and Regulations (STARs) include seven Principles and two short Codes of Conduct - “light touch” regulation but the burden of making the right decisions has increased.
Supervising Legal Apprentices website image
This e-learning course covers the key skills for supervising and getting the best from school-leavers and others with limited work or office experience.
Supervising Trainee Solicitors
Supervising trainee solicitors covers the key skills for authorised supervisors – how to provide practical day-to-day training for trainees and develop their legal knowledge and skills.
Time management website image
“How do I say ‘no’ without damaging my career?” “How do I find the time to look after my team properly?” “When can I do that business development meeting?”
Time Management for Legal Secretaries website image
Time management for legal assistants and secretaries is full of essential techniques for prioritising important work, giving you more control and improving your productivity in a busy legal workplace.
Time management website image
“How do I say ‘no’ without damaging my career?” Strong time management skills are worth their weight in gold when it comes to surviving your training contract.
Rubles website image
As the war in Ukraine continues lawyers in the UK are increasingly asking what their ethical duties are when providing services to Russian, Belorussian and other clients.
Understanding company accounts website image
Starting with the basic components of a set of company accounts, the course covers analysis and interpretation, how to ask the right questions and the importance of developing commercial awareness.
valuing claims for care and assistance website image
Our e-learning on valuing claims for care and assistance looks at how to value gratuitous and commercial care claims, as well as the evidence you need and the rates you can claim.
valuing general damages website image
Learn about valuing general damages methodically, using the available evidence, the Judicial College Guidelines and case law to support your valuation.
valuing loss of earnings website image
Our Valuing Loss of Earnings e-learning course covers the law, evidence and procedure in claims for employed and self-employed clients for recovering loss of income and future loss of earnings.
valuing loss of earning capacity website image
This quantum training is an introduction to valuing claims for loss of earnings capacity. Instantly available, it’s ideal for junior lawyers and claims handlers.
Valuing Psychiatric Injuries website image
Valuing Psychiatric Injuries will help you identify and distinguish different types of psychiatric injury and also covers the evidence you need to prove and value a claim.
Video Conferencing website image
Video conference skills, techniques for remote presentations and creating an engaging presence online. Award-winning TV and radio journalist Vanessa Collingridge tells you what you need to know.
Working from home
Our training takes you through 5 top tips on how to work from home effectively.
Image law firm office block
Working in a law firm helps your non-lawyers understand their obligations and contribute effectively to your efforts to provide a competent, timely and professional service.
Image of pen and paper for writing attendance notes
Highly interactive e-learning on writing clear and accurate attendance notes. Watch and make notes of a client meeting, have a go at drafting the attendance note, and compare your note with ours.
writing emails website image
This convenient "Writing emails" e-learning shows you how to write effective emails, use the subject line to attract attention, manage your inbox efficiently, and respond to emails confidently.