Finance for Lawyers

Finance for lawyers – to help you deliver on your commitments about your lawyers’ commercial awareness to your clients

We know that not all lawyers are comfortable with the numbers. We also know how highly your clients rate lawyers who understand the finances and can advise in a commercial context. That’s why we’ve developed a series of financial skills training courses that help to fill any knowledge gaps. 

We offer a wide range of courses to improve your lawyers’ commercial awareness. Delivered by accountants who really understand financial information and how law firms work, our courses can be tailored for all levels.

And that means lawyers who: 

  • understand what makes a client’s business tick;
  • grasp the finer points of a P&L and a balance sheet; and
  • can talk knowledgably about the broader economics affecting a client sector.

The result? Improved client satisfaction levels and a clear competitive edge for your firm. In short, we can help you to develop a team of lawyers with outstanding financial and commercial capabilities.

What about other staff?

We offer training for everyone from partners to paralegals, apprentices to business support staff. Take a look at the course outlines and get in touch. If you don’t see precisely what you want, we’ll be happy to develop something tailored for your firm. Just ask.

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Finance for Lawyers 1 website image
Commercial clients want lawyers who demonstrate commercial awareness. This course is a practical introduction to reading and understanding the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet.
Financial analysis and interpretation website image
This module is designed to help you deal with financial information with more confidence. Using case study data you’ll calculate some key accounting ratios then interpret the results.
Finance for Lawyers 2 website image
Improve your commercial awareness and impress your clients - whether you love the numbers or not. A practical introduction to key financial performance indicators.
Introduction to the City website image
Introduces the financial markets and corporate finance and explains the jargon, the key players and investment decisions, so you understand how the City works and the context in which it operates.
Law Firm as a Business website image
Law firm finances explained so that you know how law firms operate in a commercial context and what they need to do to succeed financially.
Understanding company accounts website image
Starting with the basic components of a set of company accounts, the course covers analysis and interpretation, how to ask the right questions and the importance of developing commercial awareness.
Working Smarter
Working Smarter is the perfect course for lawyers adjusting to hybrid working. Divided into three key topic areas - clients, finances and time - the focus is on working smarter (not harder).