Passing the SQE is just the start for trainee solicitors who want to be ready for practice as a newly qualified solicitor.

The SQE Gap

To be really effective as a newly qualified solicitor there are some skills and knowledge areas which are not covered by the SQE but which all trainees should get to grips with during their training period.

Through our experience delivering the Professional Skills Course, and through listening to both trainees and trainee development teams, we have identified the areas which are most challenging for trainees – and which are not covered in the SQE.

As part of our PSC Elective offering we already deliver tried and tested courses which meet some of these development needs.   The beauty of the new SQE regime is that we can now offer much more flexible training options: shorter courses, bite size e-learning, and blended training which incorporates individual exercises and feedback.

We’re always developing new content and we’re always happy to work with our clients to design bespoke training.

Skills and knowledge all trainees need

Critical thinking
Drafting skills*
Effective writing*
Getting good delegation and managing up
Getting the best from hybrid supervision
Grammar & punctuation
Law firm finances
Managing your time and your work
Negotiation skills
Professional standards and ethics
Understanding company accounts
Understanding the city
Writing attendance notes*

*Writing and drafting skills are part of the SQE2 assessment but writing to pass an assessment is not the same as writing for work.  We strongly recommend training which goes beyond the SQE2 requirements.

Additional options

Advocacy beyond SQE2
Business development
Case analysis
Case management for litigators
Drafting for litigators
Handling difficult clients
Legal project management
Personal impact
Preparing witness statements under PD57AC
Presentation skills
Social media for lawyers
Speed reading
Video conferencing tips
Writing minutes

Developing a training programme

Get in touch with if you’d like a conversation about putting together a training programme.  

We can create a package that suits your needs, your seat rotations and your budget.

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