Time Management

Time management skills courses to help you work smarter not harder. Get organised and make the best use of resources to improve efficiency.

We can all improve the way we work, to save time not waste it.
We offer a range of courses to help you make the most of your working day.

You’ll be encouraged to analyse your current working practices and identify the areas where you struggle.

  • “How do I say ‘no’ without damaging my career?”
  • “How do I find the time to look after my team properly?”
  • “Am I making best use of the resources my firm makes available?”
  • “How do I improve my delegation and supervision skills?”
  • “What is legal project management and how can it help?”

From short e-learning sessions to live online and face-to-face courses we can design sessions to meet you training needs. We can help your junior staff establish good habits early in their careers or provide support to more senior lawyers.

We understand how law firms work and the pressures to deliver for ever more cost conscious and demanding clients. And we have updated our courses to reflect new working practices.

Whether it’s recurring themes like planning and prioritisation, evolving approaches like legal project management or discrete skills like speed reading, we have expert tutors who can help.

Time management training for all your staff

Our courses are not just for lawyers – in the high-pressure environment of a law firm the challenges of delivering on time and to budget apply to everyone. The solutions are relevant to anyone working in a law firm whether in a fee-earning or business support role. We offer training for everyone from apprentices to accounts staff, paralegals to partners.

Take a look at our course outlines and get in touch. If you don’t see precisely what you want, we’ll be happy to develop something bespoke to meet your requirements.

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Delegation website image
Delegation training for lawyers. Effective delegation is fundamental for the efficient operation of a law firm. Don’t rely on picking it up as you go along.
Legal project management website image
Do you use legal project management skills to deliver great results for your clients? It's becoming an essential part of any successful law firm’s offering. Our courses help you meet that objective.
Planning and Prioritising website image
Planning prioritising and time management for lawyers includes a range of techniques for understanding what matters most, managing your workload and getting things done efficiently and on time.
Speed reading for lawyers website image
“It's easy to see how speed reading could make my life easier, but going faster will mean losing out on detail, won't it?" Well, no, actually.
Time management website image
“How do I say ‘no’ without damaging my career?” “How do I find the time to look after my team properly?” “When can I do that business development meeting?”
Time Management for Legal Assistants website image
Time management for legal assistants and secretaries is full of essential techniques for prioritising important work, giving you more control and improving your productivity in a busy legal workplace.
Working from Home
Our training takes you through 5 top tips on how to work from home effectively.
Working Smarter
Working Smarter is the perfect course for lawyers adjusting to hybrid working. Divided into three key topic areas - clients, finances and time - the focus is on working smarter (not harder).