Writing Skills

Practical writing and drafting skills training courses helping everyone in law firms to develop these core skills and communicate effectively.
Top class writing and drafting skills are vital in every law firm and our practical courses can help to keep all your staff at the top of their game. Please get in touch to find out more about our 1 to 1 coaching, e-learning and online and face-to-face group sessions.

Writing for clients

Your clients want business writing that’s readable. They don’t like legal essays, they loathe feeling so frustrated that have to stop reading, and they certainly don’t want to spend money getting you to translate your own work. Our courses offer the planning, writing and style techniques for high quality professional communications that they will read and understand with ease.

Writing for other lawyers

Writing for other lawyers is a daunting task. Whether it’s a colleague or your boss, or perhaps an opponent, you know your writing has to be accurate, robust and persuasive. Our courses will help with the right techniques and the opportunity to practise them and get expert feedback. We cover a wide range of options from attendance notes and minutes of meetings to formal responses and procedural letters.

Writing for marketing, business development and tenders

Shake up your lawyerly writing techniques and learn how to turn dull legal material into published articles and blogs with snappy headlines and engaging content. Learn how to write winning bids and tender documents that are concise, persuasive and focused on what the target client wants.

Grammar and punctuation refreshers

Our refresher course on grammar and punctuation are lively and full of fun and designed to build people’s confidence and ability to write clear and accurate sentences without errors.

Managing Other People’s Writing

Managing Other People’s Writing will help you build your team’s skills with time-saving techniques for explaining expectations, reducing revisions, and making sure they do the work (not you).
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Image for Article Writing training course
Learn how to turn legal material into published articles that people actually want to read – with snappy headlines and engaging content that get you noticed.
Blogging for lawyers
Blogging for lawyers will shake up your lawyerly writing techniques, boost your online profile, and create high impact blogs to showcase your firm’s expertise.
Business Writing Image
Business writing that’s accurate, robust and readable. This course offers planning, writing and style techniques for high quality professional communications.
Designing a Training course website image
Designing a training course will show you how to plan and design a training session that engages the audience, delivers all your key messages, and helps you to deliver with genuine impact.
Drafting a Brief to Counsel website image
Whilst there aren't any formal legal requirements to writing a brief, a well-structured set of clear instructions is vital to ensure counsel does the best possible job representing your client.
Drafting a Defence website image
Drafting a defence provides simple and reliable techniques for analysing the particulars of claim, deciding how to respond to the allegations it contains, and then drafting the defence.
drafting a letter of response website image
Drafting a letter of response helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for writing effective letters of response that comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.
Drafting directions website image
This course provides guidance for information gathering, planning and deadlines, as well as drafting techniques for producing effective directions in civil litigation matters.
Drafting Interim Applications website image
Drafting interim applications is a course that helps junior defendant litigators to develop vital and consistent skills for when applying for a court order.
drafting skills website image
Our drafting skills training is ideal for junior lawyers needing simple techniques for complex drafting and for those wanting to improve their drafting from scratch.
Drafting witness Statements image
Drafting a witness statement is not a simple task. This course will help you draft effectively so your statements comply with the CPR and are an accurate and reliable account of each witness’s evidence.
Grammar Refresher Course image
An introduction or refresher on practical grammar. This course will build your confidence and your ability to write clear and accurate sentences without any grammatical errors.
Managing Difficult Clients website image
Managing difficult clients helps you get the best from the moments when things are not running smoothly - by working in tune with client preferences and by handling tricky conversations confidently.
Managing other peoples writing website image
Managing other people’s writing will help you build your team’s skills with time-saving techniques for explaining expectations, reducing revisions, and making sure they do the work (not you).
Mastering Minutes website image
Preparing minutes of meetings answers all your questions and more. How do you keep up with fast-paced debate? Accurate verbatim account or action-focussed note? Can you leave anything out?
persuasive writing for ltigators
Persuasive writing for litigators will help you write quickly and with a clear sense of purpose and structure. Your key points will stand out and your tone will be consistent and professional.
Proofreading in law firms website image
Our proofreading in law firms course helps establish good habits as people check and review draft documents and other important written work. This training puts attention to detail into practice.
Punctuation Refresher Course website image
This punctuation course will help you punctuate accurately and avoid errors. It will build your confidence when using the main punctuation marks and give you helpful tips for choosing the right words.
Report writing website image
Our report writing course will help you write reports that are concise, clear and accurate. Even when the subject matter is highly complex, you’ll know how to write easy-to-read content.
Image of pen and paper for writing attendance notes
Highly interactive e-learning on writing clear and accurate attendance notes. Watch and make notes of a client meeting, have a go at drafting the attendance note, and compare your note with ours.
Writing bids and tenders website image
Writing bids and tenders in law firms will show you how to write winning bids and tender documents that are concise, persuasive and focussed on what the target client wants.
writing emails website image
This convenient writing emails e-learning shows you how to write effective emails, use the subject line to attract attention, manage your inbox efficiently, and respond to emails confidently.